Accept Membership Terms


I hereby apply for membership at Art Tausch. If accepted, I agree to be bound by the Rules of Art Tausch as set forth below:

Our Membership is complimentary and is offered by invitation only.

Art Tausch does not extend holds on artworks and also never offers discounts.

Members must respectfully refrain from entering resale of artworks acquired within two years from Art Tausch.

After two years, artworks must be first offered for resale to Art Tausch.

All artworks are offered on a first-to-make-payment basis, either through our member platform or in person at Art Tausch Gallery.

Art Tausch reserves the right to suspend or revoke the membership of any Member who did not acquire an artwork during the year or behaves otherwise in an unbecoming manner.

All information will be held in strictest confidence.