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art tausch is breaking new ground in New York featuring a curated selection of 19 emerging, international, female artists – poised to reach new audiences. art tausch’s new way of owning art allows you to discover, rent and buy art at its best – at your own pace.

New and Noteworthy Artists

art tausch champions narratives and empowers exceptional, emerging, women artists.

Currently on view

Star Spangled

June 4 – July 16
Nina Lamiel Bruchhaus

art tausch is pleased to present “Star Spangled” with a solo presentation of Nina Lamiel Bruchhaus.

Our mission

We believe in discovering hand – selected, quality works . Art Tausch wants to demystify art collecting and encourage a greater dialogue between our unique, international, female talents and the people who want to become the next art patron. With everything we do we believe in challenging the mechanism of the art world, while fostering and supporting the careers of our women artists.

Historically undervalued, women artists have always made work that is excellent, innovative, and indispensable.

Watch the interview with Annabelle J. Verhoye

Our artists

art tausch presents an emerging roster of international, female artists whose personal narratives are linked by the multilayered nature of the artists’ identities. Both abstract and representational, painting and drawing dominate and invite viewers into worlds within worlds. We are committed to invest in our artists’ careers, supporting their development through digital storytelling and experiential art exhibitions, while connecting them directly to their collectors.

Our collectors

In the age of Instagram and rapidly consumable content, art tausch finds conversations with artists to be the most exciting aspect of art collecting. We offer our collectors the opportunity to focus on building relationships with women artists through digital studio visits and experiential art experiences within the gallery. We hope to remake the art world into a more transparent art world and advocate for better representation of women artists.

“If you acquire a piece of art it is the beginning of a relationship, it enriches you and connects you to humanity. Artists are truly indispensable.” - Annabelle J. Verhoye

About Annabelle J. Verhoye

Approaching the arts scene with fresh eyes has allowed Annabelle Verhoye to consider more inventive ways to support artists beyond acquisitions. The freedom to try a piece of art before committing to buy forges the uniqueness of art tausch. The word “Tausch” is German for “Exchange” and sparked the idea of launching her business in 2021. Her passion and deeply-seeded interest for Contemporary Art was instilled at a very young age. As a female artist herself, she understands the challenge of entering into a new market and solely dedicated her gallery to championing emerging women artists through the arts.

Annabelle brings a highly-developed eye and access to the most important relationships in the constantly evolving art market. Having family in Germany and France, with frequent travels abroad to museums, galleries, and artist studios served as an early foundation in the arts. Through constant research, networking, exhibition viewings, and travel to international art fairs and auctions, Annabelle works with an international client base to provide expertise and guidance to those new to collecting and those who have been collecting for generations.

Annabelle’s academic training includes an MFA from School of Visual Arts, New York. Her professional training at the FH Düsseldorf was devoted to leading German artists. Annabelle Verhoye is a member of the Whitney Museum, Guggenheim and MoMA.

“Stepping fully in the art world is only a natural evolution for me. Art and its magnetism have become a meditative journey , central to our inner reflection”. - Gaël de Brousse

About Gaël de Brousse

Born and raised in France, with ties to a family of architects and auctioneers, he graduated from an international business school in Paris and settled in in the late 80’s , where he quickly involved himself in the residential interior design. He launched soon after his own firm, working on a few prestigious projects.

Considering art as being not only the strongest final touch to complement an interior, but above all, being its pulsating vibration, he decided to join forces with Annabelle Verhoye.

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